Welcome to the EPOP Website!

EPOP Asia aims to connect civil society leaders in Myanmar and Thailand with educational opportunities at international universities through affordable entrance-exam preparation. While a number of scholarship opportunities are available to students dedicated to working toward positive social development, many capable students face difficulty finding affordable and convenient ways to prepare for university entrance examinations.

EPOP is designed to equip these students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pass such exams. In addition to test preparation, EPOP’s Academic English courses supply students with sharp critical thinking and academic writing skills that will help them succeed in university-level programs.

How it works:

Over the course of 18 mon

ths, students regularly submit essays and assignments online. They also consult with other students from throughout Southeast Asia via the online EPOP forum. Qualified teachers and online tutors act as support staff throughout the process, mentoring small groups of students in an effort to help them achieve their desired results.

The EPOP project is unique in that the online platform allows for increased access in remote locations at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional education service delivery. Moreover, the online platform offers students who work full-time the option to study and progress on their own schedule, thus addressing an often-observed service gap in educational programs designed for working students.