About EPOP

EPOP helps participants to acquire the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) qualification, depending on their purpose for studying. Some students may want to improve their English for personal or professional reasons, others want to gain access to scholarships at international universities. EPOP’s online portal enables students connected to the internet to pursue their studies online. They can undertake learning, quizzes and assessments online, download EPOP course materials, take regularly scheduled diagnostic tests to assess their progress, connect with online tutors, and interact with fellow students.

People from marginalized communities in Southeast Asia who wish to access study opportunities at international universities often struggle to gain the academic skills and qualifications required to be eligible. In many cases, they cannot afford university preparation courses, cannot take time away from their work or other commitments to attend full-time study, and/or are based in remote locations where university preparation classes are not available.

Launched in June 2009, the Exam Preparation Outreach Program (EPOP) helps such individuals to overcome these obstacles. EPOP offers a unique and highly flexible blended learning model including an online study portal supported by course materials, study groups and online tutors. These enable participants in almost any location to study on a schedule that suits them, with a course model specifically designed to suit their needs and circumstances, while enabling them to continue with ongoing commitments.

EPOP enrollment and study flowchart