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Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Online Tutors: We are currently looking for online tutors for the period of October 2015.


Background: EPOP is seeking online volunteers to tutor students taking our university preparation courses in Myanmar and Thailand. EPOP works with the best and brightest civil-society and development workers in Southeast Asia in an effort to increase their access to tertiary education. Your participation in the program will build the capacity of these future leaders and contribute to the development of strong civil society sectors throughout the region.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate for the position will be highly motivated, flexible and possess a strong commitment to increasing access to quality education. Additionally, they will possess at least two of the following criteria:

  • Fluency in written and spoken English and have a solid understanding of English grammar
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an English speaking program
  • Previous Teaching Experience (Experience with TOEFL would be helpful)
  • TEFL, Celta or other English language teaching certification

Support: EPOP’s curriculum is set and teachers are provided the best books and listening materials available. Teachers and students receive guidance through EPOP’s learning portal. In the portal, students and teachers have access to additional resources and can view the syllabus and assessment schedule. EPOP’s student portal provides guidance to both teachers and students. Teachers are provided technical support in the use of the online portal.

If you are interested in volunteering as a curriculum developer or  online tutor, please send a letter of interest highlighting your relevant work experience to:

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