Course Offerings

Exam Preparation Courses

TOEFL ITP: This course prepares students specifically for the TOEFL ITP exam. It focuses on test strategies, grammatical structures and  and academic writing skills that are directly related to the TOEFL Exam. Before enrolling in this course, students should be utilising English at an advanced intermediate level. Students who need more general instruction to attain this level should enrol in the Academic English Course Series (see below).

Academic English Courses

Academic English 1:  Provides students who have solid communicative competency in English, but lack exposure to academic content, structure, and lexis, and the ability to achieve necessary scores for their selected university programs. Content areas include science and history. This is the first course in the Academic English series.

Academic English 2: The second course in the Academic English series covers vocabulary, comprehension and study strategies in the field of social sciences.  This course includes an introduction to the TOEFL test and begins preparing students for that challenge.

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