EPOP is a non-profit organization that provides its courses for free. We do receive support from international donor organizations, but we always operate with a shortfall and rely on individual donations to improve our program. A donation, however small, can make a big difference to what we provide for these studentsHere are a few ways you can help…

buy an exam

We have negotiated with several universities to accept the TOEFL ITP exam when it is administered by EPOP. This allows us to save thousands of dollars every year. Normally, exams would cost in nearly $200 each, but because of our special program, each exam only costs $30 US. A small donation allows one student to have the opportunity to take the final exam.

sponsor a teacher

Some communities do not have access to qualified teachers. EPOP wants to send teachers to them. This money will be used to fund one volunteer teacher for three months. Face to face teaching offers important interaction in the lead up to their exams. $750 will cover the neccessary flight and accommodation costs for one volunteer teacher for three months.

give some books

Course books are essential if the students are to improve, esspecially in remote communities with little access to teachers. We try to use the latest course books from Cambridge, Longman and Oxford to give the best education we can. A set of these books costs as $50 for one student.

give some all round help

Students incur costs while they are studying. They must pay for internet fees, printing and transportation costs to and from their group study and class sessions. If you would like to support a student during a course, donate $150 US. People donating this amount will receive regular study updates from the student they are supporting and can chat with them via our online student portal.

give a computer

Many of our students across Asia do not have adequate access to the internet or proper computer facilities. This money will be used to buy a community computer, a place that students can come to do the work and get in touch with EPOP.

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