“EPOP helped me to find solutions and provided me with all the material and technical assistance which was best suited to me and for my actual test. Thanks to EPOP and their staff!”
Samnang (Cambodia)
Hong Kong University Student

“I am really grateful and honored to participate in this program, and I believe that I will get an opportunity to continue my education completely as I had always wanted.”

So Yeon (Laos) student

Student FAQ’s

What are the requirements to join EPOP?

EPOP Courses are open to anyone with an intermediate level of English. We strongly encourage applications from those who have at least one year experience of work or volunteering in the community.

How many students a year does EPOP accept?

EPOP does not put a limit on the number of students we accept.

How much do the courses cost?

EPOP Academic English 1 & 2, Enrolment Fee: 35,000 MMK/ 1,100 THB/ 35 USD

TOFEL ITP Course, Enrollment Fee: 40,000MMK/ 1,200 THB/ 40 USD

Enrolment Fees include course fee and all learning materials.

Where is the EPOP School?

EPOP is not run at a school location, it is all run online. Information about how this works is available on this site.

Does EPOP provide accommodation and stipends?

No, EPOP does not provide accommodation, however you can apply for stipends if you need financial assistance.

Do I pick which exam to study for?

No. The university program that you chose has its own requirements. They determine what exam(s) you need.

How long do I have to study with EPOP?

The length of study is determined by how well you do on the EPOP Entrance Exam. We have 6, 12 and 18 month courses. 6 months of ITP Course, 9 months for AE2 and 18 months for AE1.

Does EPOP pay for exam fees?

No, the fees to undertake the exam are the responsibility of the student.

When can I join EPOP?

Prospective students can apply when the intakes open twice a year, February and August. At this time you should fill in the form on the ‘Apply now’ page and submit it to us. If you are studying to help with your application for university, you should also get academic counseling. Visit the following sites to find out more:
www.cies.org/about_fulb.htmwww.myanmarstudyabroad.org, ,
eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus_mundus/index_en.php, and


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